SctpDrv 1.1

SctpDrv provides an SCTP driver and SCTP library for Microsoft Windows
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Bruce Cran

SctpDrv is a package which provides an SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) driver and SCTP library for Microsoft Windows.
It was originally developed by co-research between CO-CONV, Corp. and WIDE Project.
See the documentation for information about the history of SctpDrv.

SctpDrv is provided as a kernel driver which contains the SCTP stack. A Winsock provider dll is registered with Windows and gets called whenever an application wants to send data over SCTP. This way, the functionality is provided transparently to applications: IPPROTO_SCTP is just another protocol available in the socket (WSASocket) function call. The SCTP specific functions such as sctp_send are provided by linking to the sctpsp.lib library.

SctpDrv works on 32-bit (x86 aka i386) Windows XP and 32 and 64-bit (x64 aka x86_64) versions of Windows Vista and Window 7.
It can work over either IPv4 or IPv6, and doesn't require IPv6 to be installed.

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